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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Stratus, an all original design quartz banger style from Cloud Creator. This marks the end of a period of eager expectation and the result of relentless dedication. The Stratus is the newest addition to our distinguished portfolio, representing an original quartz banger, this design is a culmination of over a year's time to bring have  brought this to life. In pursuit of the ideal model for release, numerous iterations were meticulously evaluated over several months. Adhering to the rigorous standards of Cloud Creator, we are committed to delivering products that excel in functionality, performance, and quality—where every millimeter is critical to premier design considerations.

Cloud Creator Quartz nails are the product of extensive research, originalty, rigorous testing, invaluable experience, consumer insights, and an immense investment of energy, all aiming to produce a superior item. In line with our continuous improvement, the Stratus has undergone rigorous comparative analysis against variants and flagship designs, including the original quartz Banger alongside various carb caps and the "Autospinner," to establish its superiority in every possible aspect.

The Stratus features a top dimension of 25mm and is compatible with the following heating products:

- The Terp Sous Vide (TSV)
- The Rio

For optimal use, it is recommended to use the Quartz Lenticular Cloud Cap/Tray atop the banger, which can be accessed at

The 'Stratus' name is inspired by the Stratus Clouds, low-altitude clouds stretching out a large distance, similar of the banger's expansive heat retention capabilities and its flat form. Just as the Stratus clouds vary in hue from nearly white to darker shades of gray, so too does this quartz nail exhibit a transformative appearance in use.

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Customer Reviews

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The heat retention is unmatched. For Cold Starts, I used to get about 3 hits with my old set up. Now, I get 5-6 with the same amount of material. I use this along with the Lenticular Cloud Cap/Tray, two 8mm ruby pearls & the Recycler and the results are amazing.

Rhyan Regulacion
Effortless perfection.

I LOVE IT!!!!From the seamless design to the beatiful ingraveings.Ive searched for year and I finally found it!!!Yhe way it spins accessories to the way it defuses the smoke ,an effortless pull full of terpy goodness!! A definite must have and an everyday driver. I love it!!!!!😍