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Cloud Wipes - Full Package

Cloud Wipes - Full Package

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The Cloud Wipes has arrived! After over 3 years in the making, THE TIME HAS COME! You'll be able to clean your quartz more quick and with better results than ever before! There are about 10 uses per 1 Cloud Wipe. Each Cloud Stick is handmade and tested prior with a special design to lock in your Cloud Wipe from falling off. After countless amounts of time, I created this design on every Cloud Stick to make sure your Cloud Wipe will NOT come off. You have never used anything like this before. I have done my best to get the best quality materials out there. This is the full package here and every item is eco-friendly (packaging excluded for now)!

Full Package:

- x3 Cloud Sticks (2 Hard, 1 Soft)

- x15 Large Cloud Wipes (Equal to about 150 uses)

- x5 Small Cloud Wipes (Equal to about 50 uses)

Approximately 200 uses per 20 Cloud Wipes (May update from feedback)

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