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Rain Droplet Top Hat

Rain Droplet Top Hat

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Introducing the latest innovation from Cloud Creator: The Rain Droplet Quartz Top Hat. This exquisite hollow quartz cap design allows for personalization by enabling the user to fill it with a substance of their choice. To modulate the quantity utilized, one may employ the Cirrus Quartz Pillars. Utilizing a quartz pillar of 5mm outer diameter or smaller enhances efficiency by requiring reduced thermal energy, as the diminished weight facilitates a quicker descent. Moreover, this Top Hat is adorned with the signature Cloud Creator Clouds, adding a distinctive touch to its appearance.

100% Quartz

Compatible Nails:

- Contrail V1

- Contrail V2

- Cumulus V2

- Mammatus V1

- Mammatus V2

- Stratus

(Please note, this top hat may not fit in the Cumulus V1)

Compatible Accessories Inside:

-  3mm x 18mm (Small) Quartz Cirrus Pillar

- 3mm x 24mm (Medium) Quartz Cirrus Pillar


- 5mm x 18mm (Small) Quartz Cirrus Pillar

- 5mm x 24mm (Medium) Quartz Cirrus Pillar


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