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Cloud Creator

Clear Glass Recycler Rig

Clear Glass Recycler Rig

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Back by popular demand. Pre-orders will now be up! LIMITED QUANTITY


Are you tired of looking for a rig? Do you keep spending $30-80+ for a rig that doesn't function and has flaws? Are you tired of the hassle of getting defective glass and having to deal with the customer care to get what you paid for? Look NO FURTHER! Cloud Creator has the solution for you! Here is a beautiful Clear Glass Water Recycler Rig. An affordable price with knowing your rig will perform well with great function! Videos available! 

Joint Size: 14mm Female

Please Note: The Sunshine rig has a showerhead perc, little less of a tornado. The Clear Rig has a 4 hole perc with more tornado action. Both fantastic! 




*30% Discount not included

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