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Cloud Creator

Mammatus V2

Mammatus V2

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Cloud Creator is pleased to announce the release of the updated Mammatus model. This quartz nail excels in the consumption of concentrates of all volumes, with a particular efficiency for sizeable daily use. For enthusiasts who have experienced the frustration of concentrate loss due to it seeping into the neck of a quartz banger, the Mammatus offers a refined solution. Our QUARTZ BANGER/SLURPER is ingeniously engineered to maximize your material's utility.

Each quartz nail is meticulously developed by Cloud Creator, ensuring authenticity and adherence to the highest standards of quality. Through extensive testing, we have confirmed the effectiveness and top-tier performance of our designs. Our products distinguish themselves by expertly preventing oil from funneling into the neck, setting a new benchmark within the marketplace.

The latest iteration of the Mammatus implements boasts a leaner profile, enhancing its capacity to reach optimal temperatures swiftly for daily usage. We trust this refinement will be well-received and that it will facilitate consumption on a scale comparable to the original model.

On another note, the name Mammatus is derived from one of the most fascinating meteorological sights: Mammatus clouds. These clouds display a stunning array of bulbous lobes that hang beneath the base of a cloud, presenting a variety of shapes—from classic rounded protrusions to more tubular forms.

We are excited to present this product, now readily accessible for purchase.

Visit to secure your authentic Cloud Creator quartz nail.

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