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Custom Quartz Cap Hand Made by Cloud Creator #1

Custom Quartz Cap Hand Made by Cloud Creator #1

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We are proud to introduce the first quartz cap meticulously handcrafted by Cloud Creator. This cap is not only visually stunning and uniquely designed, but it is also a limited edition piece. Each quartz cap is the result of no less than 15 hours of dedicated craftsmanship, ensuring both its aesthetic appeal and functional compatibility with all Cloud Creator Nails quartz. This one has a hand drawn cloud on the bottom of it and each one sold will be numbered.


The cap has been engineered to provide an optimal seal on each Cloud Creator nail, featuring a versatile design that is suitable for use with the Contrail. Crafted from pure quartz—a material renowned for its substantial challenge in hand-carving due to its notable 7 out of 10 hardness rating, as opposed to glass's 5.5—each cap is a testament to durability and the ability to etch glass. 


As a valued owner of this distinctive Cloud Creator Quartz Cap, you will enjoy not only a product created with great care and affection but also the privilege of receiving exclusive gifts and discounts on future purchases. For more information and further inquiries, we invite you to contact us directly.

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